#20 [Speechy TV] Are you doing it wrong?

Often when you are just starting out helping your child learn to communicate, you start by trying just one thing – which is great!  But sometimes, we keep on sticking with that one way of communicating, even if it doesn’t work all the time (or even most of the time!).  This week I take a look at multi-modal communication – or the concept of using a few different communication strategies simultaneously

What do you think? Have you tried this communication strategy with your child? Has it worked for you? Or have you got a different strategy that works for your child?To find out more, watch this quick video in this week’s episode Speechy TV. Your Monday dose of speech therapy tips and inspiration for helping nonverbal children learn to communicate.

Let me know by leaving me a comment. Your comment may help another parent struggling to help their child communicate. I’ll read your comments and join in on the conversation.


Gail Bennell
Speech Pathologist
Communication Strategist

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