How to Attend Gail’s Online Workshop

I have had a few people contact me and ask what they need to do to be able to attend an online workshop with me.

Fortunately, it’s really simple, as my workshop software takes care of almost everything for you.  I’ve recorded some videos to show you 2 ways to attend one of my online workshops.


Method 1 – Attend via webcast (Best method)

Attending via webcast is the best way to attend the online workshop.  You can  hear me speaking, and watch the slides on your screen.  You can also answer and ask questions using the submit question box.  Watch this video (4mins 20 secs) to learn how to attend.

Method 2 – Attend via skype

This method is useful if you cannot access the webcast for some reason.  You can attend using skype on your computer, or on your mobile phone.  Watch this short video (2mins 43 sec) to see how you can attend the workshop via skype.


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