#26 [SpeechyTV] Are you looking after yourself? (Mother’s day special)

I’ve waited until after the mothers day hype of advertising to share this video with you – because I think you deserve more than 1 day to take care of yourself. In fact, I thin you should do 1 thing (no matter how small) every day to take care of your self, so you can take care of your family (that goes for the men too!)

To find out more, watch this quick video in this week’s episode Speechy TV – your Monday dose of speech therapy tips and inspiration for helping nonverbal children learn to communicate

Share what you will be doing this week to take care of yourself.

You can ask me any questions you have about the task as well. Is there anything you need help with to complete this weeks task?



Gail Bennell
Speech Pathologist
Communication Strategist

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